Graduation Season

The following months unfolding ahead of us will mark one of the biggest achievements academically for a large number of graduates. Whether high school or college - I'd like to congratulate everyone walking that aisle. I remember clearly the excitement, fear, anxiousness and all the unknowns going through my head. All the uncertainties at the time have now become a fear of the past, thanks to the commencement speech given by Steve Jobs at Stanford's class of 2005 graduation. Although given years ago, I find the things he says here are very relevant today. Moving forward after graduation I'd like you all to continue to think about these words given by Jobs: "It was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college, but it was very- very clear looking back 10 years later. Again you can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future, you have to trust in something, your gut, destiny, life, karma whatever. Cause believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even if it leads you off the well worn path and that will make all the difference.

Congratulations AGAIN. Be optimistic and excited for the future.

CS x Camp Pendleton x Birthday x Fun

A mini weekend trip the crew took to hang out with some friends at Camp Pendleton CA. The headliner of the event is our friend Jacqueline. Happy Birthday Jacqueline (nick name Cookie or Cooks hence the title of the video) Enjoy the video:

Camp Pendleton CA.

Happy Monday folks, Instead of working through the weekend we broke the usual routine and headed south. Destination, Camp Pendleton, CA for a friend's Birthday; and to take a breather from design life. Being in sunny Southern California soaking up all the vitamin D was well needed. Now we're back, refueled, and reminded of a little quote for ya from the father of Taoism:

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu

Remember sometimes it's perfectly normal to allow time, space & nature to take its course. We need not to rush or hurry things. Everything will be accomplished as it should. I find this relevant in design when I walk away from projects and allow my mind to be inspired and roam other venues of thought- often new or conclusive ideas arise from these detours of the mind.

Dave & Busters Fun

Surprisingly enough for as long as we've been living in the bay, we have not made our way out to Dave & Busters in Milpitas Ca. yest. Until this past weekend, Oh what loads of fun we had  with good company, neon lights, music and of course drinks. Be careful though the games are MAD addictive,  with a few drinks under your belt you could easily blow through some CASH MONEY trying to win a 2 dollar teddy bear. LOL Will have to pay this place a visit again.






Fast Company Publicity

Congratulations to Anh Nguyen on being quoted in Fast Companies write up about NIKE being the number one most innovative company of 2013. Creative Session_AnhNguyen_AstroSTudios_FastCompany_Feature

85til' The lessons i've learned. Applied.

This book is dedicated to our mama and papa mostly. Also all of the wonderful people whom have inspired me along the way. My design career has transcended from lessons learned thus far. I'm excited for the years to come. - Hoang  

Jasper & Peg Branding Video

  Its only been a month into the New Year and I swear our schedule for 2013 is quite full already. All of which is good news, and that creative organ of ours really is paying our bills.

Most of you whom follow Creative Session's work know, We dabble a bit into videography. We try to incorporate video work into as much of our work as possible. We've built quite a solid team within the last 6 months, Chris Rivera from New York is the latest addition to the crew.

As of late we've been working with owner of "Jasper & Peg" Breanne Bumanlag on brand identity and filming Jasper & Peg's bio video. Here are some screen captures and a quick description of the video concept...


When we were first approached by Jasper and Peg, the first thing we noticed about the clothing line was this duality of white and black pieces, and after spit balling a few Yin/Yang concepts around, we settled on this idea that centered around the possibility of two alternate versions of oneself, and what it might be like if somehow these two versions interacted with each other in two separate but identical universes.


Anyway, we're still pretty early on in the editing stages, but the video is coming along nicely so far, as promised here's a few screen caps to hold you over until the video is released sometime over the next few weeks.


Hats off to you Martin Luther King

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."


Some instagram users really know how to work their social network feed. I'm amazed at the 10s of thousands of followers some users have. Unfortunately here at CreativeSession we aren't that amazing at these things but slowly building a small genuine following of designers and artist. Today we just hit our 2000 follower mark! WHOOOOOOO If you've got instagram check out our feed. I'd hate to admit it but it's much easier to upload a photo than writing a blog. How do you all keep up with your blogs?



Rough Cut for a friend name HENRY

A year ago my co-worker Henry started a Kickstarter Project called "Solid Watch" the watch was a departure from having the formal wrist watch by being just a solid wrist monument, celebrating the idea of a watch. The "Solid Watch" was simply cause his friend had watches with piece of shit movements and wanted to do something different. Long story short Henry ended up being funded 130k for the project and now has over 500 hundred watches 6 different styles to fulfill and send out to his buyers. This year Henry is back and hungry for more. We recently filmed him working on his latest KickStarter project the "Cable Block" here is a rough cut. Ignore my voice in the second half of the video- I added it to inspire Henry to write his own script for the rest of the video since he was too shy to do it day of shoot.


Thoughts in the New, Year

This article about the Dalai Lama when asked"What suprisied him most about humanity" is old. Yes, but it totally relevant. I stumbled upon it again on Instagram through a friend and it struck a nerve somewhere in the work ethic aisle. It is true we are stuck in a society were we work so hard, being busy, being overwhelmed, having your plates full or flooded is seen as such a positive connotation. This posting is somewhat a reconsideration.... This year I want to find balance. I want to work smarter not harder. Be selective where and whom i deposit my energy and efforts to. Will it be work, family , love or life?



As much as our designer hearts desire to have our hands in everything creative there isn't enough Creative Session's to execute everything we'd like to do at the level we expect. Apparel is a great example of our lack of man power, we focus a large percentage of our time into industrial design that all the interesting apparel doesn't really get produced, we'd have a sample here and there but never a large enough quantity to sell.  There are a ton of you emailing inquiring about purchasing unfortunately our focus isn't fully on apparel yet!  The "Dream Catcher" is our commitment in executing our project through and through so after this contest we will!  So here is the deal, we'd like to give out 3 "Dream Catcher" sweater to 3 lucky winner after the contest we're going to drop this on kickstarter to motivate us to open our online apparel section. PEEP the VIDEO and enter to WIN

Congrats Team Japan on Winning Cut & Paste Global Finals

Happy Monday to whom ever sets eyes on my after lunch post. The last 5 days spent in NYC has been amazing, charming and eventful to put short. The CS crew flew out east to attend the Cut&Paste Global championship. We came  to show our  friend Tom Gurka & Creative Session's Anh Nguyen support. They competed under "2d/3d" for the San Francisco chapter. Unfortunately San Francisco didn't win this round but they did an amazing job! Congrats to the guys from Japan for taking Gold. I will be posting a more detailed blog and video soon.

(to be continued....)


Meet Bentley, he's a friendly, soft spoken, adorable young pup. He is surprisingly well behaved at 4 months old and listens to orders well. Bentley is the latest addition to the CS fam.


Thanks to the gods and goddesses of "MENS HEALTH" we are healthy and well. But if one day due to horrible luck, depletion of good karma-tic points, or simply bad weather, we catch a cold, programs & events such as Movember are available. So let the donations begin.

Please support Movember : TEAM CREATIVE SESSION and donateHERE


Driving in and around downtown SF is probably not a good idea today, wearing anything other than black and orange, probably not either, Tigers jersey not a good idea also. Photos of the excitement and chaos:



Congratulations to the GIANTS, they went hard and SWEPT the World Series Title!