inhaler / [in-ˈhā-lər] // noun 1. a portable device for administering a drug that is to be breathed in, used for relieving asthma and other bronchial or nasal congestion.

The very first inhaler was developed in 1778 to treat cough by inhaling opium vapor through a tankard. The pressurized inhalers that we are familiar with today wasn't developed until 1955 by American doctor George Maison. He realized strong asthma drugs in a pressurized container can be designed to easily expel into the lungs. Since the 50's not much has changed about inhalers besides the number counter. They are plastic and cheap, generally "L" shape, the cartridge loads from the top, a user ingests through an opening towards the bottom, and there are social insecurities around them. So we took a look at classic device in a contemporary way, and invited the community to participate by hashtagging #breathebetterwithcs

Thank you to everyone who participated. See all the submissions at the end.