terminal / ter-men-el // noun 1. a departure and arrival building, a moment.

We think about our experiences when travelling from one place to another. About our existence right before leaving and immediately after arriving. These moments in time- Have they ever been memorable? We hang in limbo in anticipation of our final destination. Compelling stories, excited people and impending memories await. But what about in between? This terminal we navigate through and through is so temporary. It is brief, vague and only a passage. For us the attractiveness of this space is vast. The impression left by others who have come and gone. The comfort and familiarity- however in a foreign place. This space is adaptable and constantly changing, this space inspired TRMNL.

TRMNL captures the gray area in between places. Celebrating a brief moment but preserving what’s overlooked. It’s effectively the checkpoint that bridges each important moment to the next. Familiar, transitional, yet temporary at the same time; a home for digital nomads. TRMNL is a for the mobile.