"Building Stronger Children, Instead Of Fixing Broken Adults."

We felt like the opportunity to design Super Heroics first pair of shoe was awesome, but to spend the day with their Hero Lab at Escondido Middle School was eye opening. This brand is beyond a shoe, it's about keeping our children creative, active and playing. 

Today, as adults we reminisce about being a kid again. Why not preserve that for as long as possible for our children. 

In Jason's own words:

"It use to be that the athlete is the destination... Now every summer there is a Marvel movie, every summer there is Comic Con,  so their childhood is based around moments with narrative. Second insight, kid's aren't playing sports like they use to, and when kids aren't playing sports, they're just playing. So as long we preserve that purity of play, that's the intention of Super Heroic. We're not here to tell kids that sports are bad. We're here to keep them in this mind-sight of creativity, imagination, and play for as long as possible. We're here to build stronger children, instead of fixing broken adults. "