Canon 40mm 2.8

CreativeSession_Canon40mmPancake Here's one of those lens that are so inexpensive I don't see why you wouldn't pick one up just to have a light walk around piece of glass to snap some quick portraits. I ordered this sucker from Amazon Friday for only 149 and would def recommend this lens for those of you whom are looking to add to their lens game. I'm not going to do a review of it only because Youtube has a ton of great ones out there already.


I can appreciate that Canon built this bad boy with a metal mount. In comparison to the infamous 50mm 1.8 that you can score for under 100 (with a plastic mount), the 40mm's metal mount made for a good enough reason for me to pick this one up instead.

Its so funny how dorky the lens look on my 5D Mark II; though I would imagine it looking quite nice on your entry level DSLR T series.


Here is a quick photo i took at my desk at - 400 iso f 2.8