Refreshing the OLD

Being an industrial designer I like to celebrate the products I buy by not covering it up with fancy protective cases. At work I spend so much time articulating geometry in hopes of creating a sexy, pleasing, awesome design so why cover it up! With my Iphone I never got around to protecting the sucker cause I really like the thinness and the choices of material apple chose for the design.

A few months back I dropped my phone while exiting my car, most of us can relate to this cause I foolishly left my phone on my lap while driving, forgetting it was still on my lap as I left my car I was quickly found out the hard way why everyone's paranoid about protecting there phone. Luckily it made a tiny, tiny crack on the glass on the lower right side of my phone. Over time I guess the tiny crack gain momentum and shattered. This is the result... :(

Creative Session I broke my phone1

Now that I have a reason for a replacement housing! I decided skip the white or black case since everyone have those! Lets play with something interesting. My initial thought was I really like the translucent iPhones that have been floating around the tech blogs.

Creative Session Write up on Iphone replacement

Doing a bit more research the transparent case turned out to be quite fragile and easily comes apart. Doing more research I found china has iPhone housing in tons of colors. Chrome, matte even metallic you name it. I settled with RED. check it out.

Creative Session I broke my phone2

Creative Session I broke my phone3