A-1 Live studio session, Different Fur Studios & Yours Truly

  big krit a-1

Qualities we highly respect here at the CreativeSession lab is people with pure passion and talent. Weeks ago we had the opportunity to witness our homie A-1's live studio session. He's an extremely gifted vocalist out of the Bay Area from the Mission district. Accompanying A-1 is "Rawdad," another talented and brilliant band.

Being a totally spontaneous session we didn't come prepared with a nice camera, so excuse the low quality candid photos! And shout outs to "Yours Truly"  and "Different Fur Studios" for making this session happen!

Enjoy, and make sure you guys check back for more A-1 hotness!

gold plaque a-1

stevie wonder plaque platinum a-1

davin gruesome a-1

woostaar a-1

mix jorge master a-1

mixer board A-1 live

rawdad A-1 band live