10 Minute Logo Challenge 3/31

I have this knack for graphics. I"d like to think that I can do a little bit of graphic design. I wouldn"t go as far as saying I"m amazing at it, but enjoy giving it my best. Its so bizarre how so many people do not know what industrial design is and infer that since the title is paired with the term design. I should be able to design anything.... "could you make a logo for me?" "How about a website?" "What do you design then?" Although I"m not offended, I wonder if my peers are?

So here is the story: lately at work we"ve either been buying up new companies or I"ve had coworkers want to start their own. Which leads to them needing a logo to support their identity. Since the industrial design department is the only design department in the whole company, most people ask if I could design their logos. I shrug and tell them I could try. Although the results of these designs can not be shown to the general public, I"ve decided it would be fun to start a series of 10 minute logo design exercises. These exercises are to stimulate my graphic skills and could become a neat collection in the end. Hopefully this well be a weekly thing (stay tuned).

So a few weeks ago, my friend Mike and I were talking about his new startup called "push2start", a mobile camera booth that caters to events targeting EVERYBODY. So if you need a photobooth at your next event, check them out here. SO CAL represent.

Here is their current logo:

creativesession designing push2start logo concept


Quickly, I sketched out a few ideas. I"ve gradually adopted the "less is more" aesthetic. Most people whom have followed my design career will know that I tend to get a little overboard with adding in details. Usually every time when I"m done with a project, I"ve already added ten totally unnecessary things.

and the sketches:

CreativeSession designs Push2Start logo concept


Creativesession, push2start photobooth

Took these into Illustrator and vectorized them:

Concept 1

CreativeSession designs Push2Start logo concept

Concept 2

creativesession logo design

Bird"s eye view, concept 3 to the farthest right

creativesession designing push2start logo conept

Here they are a little bit cleaner in 2D:

creativesession designing push2start logo conept


creativesession designing push2start logo conept


creativesession designing push2start logo conept