Always carry a pocketbook

It is to be expected that this little sucker is something I carry around with me everywhere I go. As we all know some of the most interesting ideas come out the blue and as far as my short term memory goes I rather be prepared to jot/sketch a quick idea down rather than forget. --If you're wondering about "all the way live" check em out on facebook

Creative Session Idea Pocket book


It's been quite awhile since i've been able to sit down and get creative, isn't this what creative session'ing is about? Well tonight I finally had the chance to browse this little pocket book to go over the ideas I've jotted down these past few months. Lets just say we're going to get busier real soon- we have a few interesting projects to finish up then we'll kick start the many ideas in this booklet before summer end.

Keep posted though- we just finished a project with Hieroglyphics and a pretty big gig with intel. Sorry we will not be able to post any teasers images yet but soon.....