Another day of PROGRESS!

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”- George Bernard Shaw

Today was another day of immense growth for CREATIVEsession. Not only have we broken 100 barrier in terms of Facebook fans, but finished our first video, and we have a lot of other things falling into place, as we're planning for a large event soon. The planning is getting infectious and all members of CREATIVEsession can't help but get together every night to keep working on it.

For Facebook fan #101, we promised them an iPad. Since we can't actually afford that right now, we decided to give them a sketch. Since Hoang and Anh were MIA at the moment, I (Steven) took the reins of this project. Check it out below: Definitely not my best work, but Janine seemed happy. For Facebook fan #54, we promised him an iPod Touch sketch, since sketches are better than the real thing anyways. And this time Anh was readily available to put in work:

And a close-up: So to Facebook fan #54, this is for you, hope you enjoy it.