Lost my CRAFT!

Horsing around on the inter-web late last night I came upon this wonderful site called INVENTORY. I really appreciate these guys because they remind me a little bit of CREATIVEsession in how they connect with people. They reach out to creative cats whom are makers to awesome shit. These makers are fk*n talented check em out when you get a chance. I've linked their mission statement towards the end of the posting.

Back to my original agenda which was to write about; "CRAFT" The following image was taken from Inventory's site. There are many reasons why I saved this image so Im using it as my blogspiration. (coining this term now!)

Creative Session Blog about Craft

1. I feel the chaos and clutter is a good visual representation of my brain. I swear I think of so many things at once I cant really retain half the Ideas that comes into this factory of mine. Although never forgotten they linger and build up like the colorful spools of thread. (i know my thoughts are colorful)

2.I like my home to be organized & clean but at work I expect this. Scraps and boxes and little science experiments everywhere. Unfinished projects that needs a little bit of love & new projects inspired by the random junk sitting around. My work life is a 9 to 5 in front of a computer screen that's complimented by 8.5 x 11 sheets of white paper that I get to doodle on-on occasion. Mostly I do computer CAD work and it kills me (sometimes). I feel like I'm losing my sense of craftiness- the excitement of making , then destroying and rebuilding again. I like the clutter and the chaos and feel like we need to take a step back in our daily routine and remember the craft.

(pours Hennessy on ground to CRAFT)

A little about INVENTORY: ( Taken Via SITE) INVENTORY was created as an extension of the culture and lifestyle we're a part of. We value products and clothing for more than just their appearance, admiring how they're made, by whom, and why. It's through this passion and attention to detail that we view the things in our lives from a different perspective. With a hunger and willingness to learn, we search for the rare, unknown and new, while always remembering tradition and the past. It is with this blend in mind that we explore various niches in menswear to create our own unique aesthetic. We focus on the brands and people, big or small, that have stories we want to tell and might otherwise go unnoticed. INVENTORY's unique content draws us out of our immediate surroundings and leads us into a world of exciting and interesting things.

INVENTORY is a place to take stock of the items, brands and people that we connect with and find special. With a genuine appreciation for details and quality, INVENTORY is a curation of ideas in product, craft and culture.