Mt. Tabor Cross Fit

During my trip back home to Portland I accompanied a good friend to an 8am Cross Fit session after a long night of boozing. The place is called "Mt Tabor Cross Fit" the owner a extremely fit, fun, energetic women name Alex whom was friendly enough to offer up a class for me to try out that day. I gracefully declined and thanked her for her generosity but I was way too hung over to do anything extreme. Especially when it's been awhile since I've done anything physically strenuous.  


I had my canon with me so I offered to snap some photos as they work out. The 14mm fish was great for capturing the space and everyone in it. Told Alex i'd share the photos with her and hopefully the photos will be a good way to promote the gym. We talked a bit about my interest in photography and I told her my real interest was actually in design, the photo/video stuff was something I recently got into because it's been an effective tool to promote Creative Session.  Anyhow Alex mentioned there was an upcoming competition the gym was going to attend and have been in the market for a logo to represent the gym. I suggested for an events like this a graphic T would be more interesting and the benefit of this is that you can change it each year- yes, i offered up my services to take a stab at the design.



Here are the results of this years 2012 Mt.Tabor Cross Fit graphics. Unfortunately the project was a quick project therefore i did not document my process, hopefully the next time ill be able to show our process better.