KAZBAY Official Promo Video

We've just finished editing the promotional video for the Karmaloop party happening on the 15th of this month. Everyone be sure to check out the video and swing by to Atmosphere here in San Francisco on Friday October 15th. When tossing around concepts for this project, we sifted through a massive archive of concepts/ideas in our brains. We verbally entertained the ideas of using stop-motion, slow motion, making an entire storyline or a short film, etc. The thought processes jumped from treatment to treatment...party settings, sexual theming, dramatic storyboarding...the creativity was flowing. But when it came down to the wire, we knew that "simple" would go further, because in many cases, less is more.

Thusly, the video below was birthed. It's an extremely concise, clean, simple way of delivering the message in the coolest of ways. Inspired by movies with life-size, clear, hologram-esque computers like "Minority Report" and "Resident Evil 4: The Afterlife", CREATIVESESSION delivered in a seemingly effortless form.

This is pt. 1 of a 2 part KAZBAY promo video package. Look out for pt 2 this Thursday, the day before the party, with a very special guest.


Karmaloop Kazbah - Kazbay party - OCT 15h 2010 from CREATIVEsession on Vimeo.