The homies from "MynORIty Crew" Marquis, Olu and Isaih came through last night to attend the "KAZBAY" party.  It definitely was an overdue reunion; its been probably 3 to 4 years since I've last seen these guys. Be sure to check out their work via MynORity's website, and become a fan of their Facebook Fanpage.

What I really appreciate about their brand is that they're keeping true to the nature of art making. Their products have a handcrafted quality to them. Their detailing and prints feel selective and consciously thought out. It doesn't stop there; on top of making art and clothes they're dabbing into music also. Check out their homie Halfa of MynORity music group.

Marquis and Olu out on the balcony exchanging design ideas. It was dope to get a glimpse into the direction their company is headed and to share resources with each other to better each other into something bigger. Bigger than how big we are now! With that said, look out for a MynORity and CREATIVESESSION collaboration in the near future.

The gang - pregaming - Love from all directions. Portland, Fresno, Georgia, AND Cali in the house!