Huarache NM 2015 lava

I couldn't help it but to pull the trigger on these Nike Huarache 2015 NM lava. Had to pay a bit more since these are only sold in Europe, but it's well worth the cash. Lately I have been buying so many red shoes - I'm thinking of switching to rocking only red shoes moving forward. I think it's an interesting self branding element, no? Before the photos, here is a little fun fact for you. In the book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall he writes about the Mexican tribe Tarahumara. The Tarahumara Indians are some of the best long distance marathoners in the world. Beyond being some of the best runners, the coolest discovery is that the thin leather slippers they run in are called Huaraches. I wonder if Nike was inspired by this? Probably not...

Photo credit : Matthew Karsten of expert vagabond
Photo credit : Matthew Karsten of expert vagabond

And here are the now, less-cooler Hauraches.

Good Listening : Flight Facilities 1972 - 1982

Straight out of Trinidad & Tibago we have Flight Facilities. This Soundtrack Sundae is 1 of 4 tracks mixed by FF while being Triple J's EXCLUSIVE residents. Conceptually I really like the way these mixes are made, it reminds me of the story telling I find my self doing in design. There is alot of history in these GEMS. Check out the transition at about 4:30 to 5:30 -- ITS HOT

Oki Sato on "Designing 400 projects at a time relaxes me"

That is something that a lot of people worry about but at the moment, the more ideas I think of, the more ideas I come up with. It is like breathing or eating or something. If I focus on only one or two projects, I guess I can only think about one or two projects. When I start thinking about working on close to 400 projects, it relaxes me. It's like a top; when it is spinning very fast it is stable and when it starts to spin slowly it starts to get wobbly.

It's also like a fish that has to keep on swimming or it dies. I feel some sort of similarity between myself and that fish.


Weekend Warrior


Surfing is such a therapy to me.

I keep telling my self to pick up one of these new GoPros and haven't had a chance to. Finally swooped one before going out to surf with some buddies. I'm excited to film short videos this spring.

check out our short surf session:

Nike Hurache NM 2015 (BLACK)

CreativeSession_NikeHuracheNM_04 Don't think I can rock the initial NM drop in Pink, Royal Blue & Black very often. They just scream 80's all over them but these Black/White color way is too HOT. These will probably be my go to everyday, every weekend, sweat pants rocking kicks. You've gotta try these on they feel better than your favorite pair of slippers!!




Little things w/ Jeff Staple

Four years ago I remember stumbling upon a “Brand RMX” interview featuring Jeff Staple. Believe it or not, I watched it about 90 times. For a fresh out of school designer, this was my TED talk and Jeff Staple was my new hero. In a way, he was a reflection of someone I COULD be. An Asian hip-hop dude who created with Common and Talib Kweli, owned his own agency, designed for Nike, and has possibly done everything else a young HypeBeast was dreaming to do. anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule jeff staple design


What I learned from the video was to seek my individual path and to fight even the smallest battles with my largest drive. It taught me to take pride and find joy in my work. No matter what scale it was, there was always something to learn and eventually it will make something of itself.

 “ Little things adding up to the big things. That is probably one of the secrets to any of the success I’ve had. Any deal that gets made. Any of the positive things that happen, it’s all because of 20 little things that added up to that one great thing.”

- Jeff Staple

At the time it resonated so much because we were going through a recession, work was falling through, I was browsing craigslist for Photoshop touch-up jobs and loans were knocking at the door. At your lowest point as a creative, when big things came in VERY little it made the little things microscopic. Trading your passion for things that did not keep the lights on and food on the table was not tasty nor palatable.

Not to blab on with my SOB story, but it was this point in my life, after listening to Jeff that I re-found hope and motivation for design. Refreshed my perspective on all the little battles and fought them until the greater jobs were ready to come back around.

A couple ago days I had the pleasure to meet the man in person at Agenda so I thought I’d share a little back story. :)


Our first Liberty Fairs, Capsule and Agenda experience! It was GREAT meeting those of you who rolled through to the Minus8 booth. Enjoy these photos. Write-up coming soon. anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule david whetstone

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule david whetstone

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule brooklyn circus

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule brooklyn circus

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule david whetstone


anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule ben baller

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule visvim

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule minus8

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule herschel

anh hoang design creativesession agenda liiberty capsule


core77 anh hoang design creativesession The creative process, and the life of an industrial designer isn't necessarily the noisiest or the most social, it's actually quite the opposite. This isn't a flashy line of work, and it definitely is not as glammy as the word "designer" makes it to be. Deep down we are nerds at heart. Pulling all nighters humping pixels, curves and circuit boards... hoping to change a life or two.   core77 anh hoang design creativesession

To us, Core77 has always been one of the VERY FEW mouthpieces for us silent workers. Shining light upon hard work, providing a platform and giving recognition where it's due. Core77 to Industrial designers is like HypeBeast to street culture. As a matter of fact, Jeff Staple and his crew were on the panel of judges last year!

Either way, it's an honour and a blessing to partake in the 2015 Core77 Design Awards. It's extremely humbling to join and collaborate with a panel of such impactful CEOS and Founders from around the world!   core77 anh hoang design creativesession Enjoy a few fun snaps from our profile photo shoot! :P



We are conduits for creativity. Our creative output is a reflection of our practices; who we are, how we treat people, what we believe in, the things we think, our attention to detail, etc.

“I have this philosophy that every time I draw something or sit down to try and design, whatever I do is a culmination of everything that I have seen, done and experienced in my life before that point in time.”

We are often asked, how many hours do we work a week. Most of the time it’s hard to answer, but to simplify things: you don’t have to work to be working. As designers, what we choose to do while not designing, defines the quality and depth of the things we create while designing.

So remember to read more, write more, travel more, meet more, think more, play more, live more and experience more! Design is largely a mind game. To work on yourself, is to work on your design skills!

The Light House looking for YOUNG artist

Yo, is your youngster or you know of a young'n that loves to make art. The owner of the "Light House" across the street from Dolores Park is looking for aspiring young artist's to fill their walls. If you're interested email for more info and how to go about this. This is happening super fast so don't sleep on this. Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.25.59 AM

As you can see they obviously have some work done. There are plenty more panels to fill.



CreativeSession_LightHouse_Mission_Mural3 copy