core77 anh hoang design creativesession The creative process, and the life of an industrial designer isn't necessarily the noisiest or the most social, it's actually quite the opposite. This isn't a flashy line of work, and it definitely is not as glammy as the word "designer" makes it to be. Deep down we are nerds at heart. Pulling all nighters humping pixels, curves and circuit boards... hoping to change a life or two.   core77 anh hoang design creativesession

To us, Core77 has always been one of the VERY FEW mouthpieces for us silent workers. Shining light upon hard work, providing a platform and giving recognition where it's due. Core77 to Industrial designers is like HypeBeast to street culture. As a matter of fact, Jeff Staple and his crew were on the panel of judges last year!

Either way, it's an honour and a blessing to partake in the 2015 Core77 Design Awards. It's extremely humbling to join and collaborate with a panel of such impactful CEOS and Founders from around the world!   core77 anh hoang design creativesession Enjoy a few fun snaps from our profile photo shoot! :P