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There are a lot of misconceptions about what Anh and I do as a team. Creative Session is a large part an industrial design collective that have a knack for graphics. For those whom are familiar with industrial design let me not explain more, for those that are not familiar with industrial design FROG DESIGN made a really effective video about industrial design status quo. Enjoy

The Shoemaker

I love the way this video is shot, I've been a student of film for the last few years. There is this beauty in capturing everything in motion but the best part is editing the footage capture. I find it so therapeutic sitting in front of a computer screen chopping and cutting videos together.

My friend use to come call me to go to the beach, my father would say "go on he's gotta work....."

The Shoemaker from Dustin Cohen on Vimeo.

Doot Co. 3 minute interview trailer

This video is a short trailer for Doot Co's upcoming 3 Minute interview with Creative Session. Doot Co stands for "Developing Original Objects in Tandem" founded by Shawn HibmaCronan & Adam Alpine. Both Oakland based Artist & Designers whom we recently teamed up with to develop the "HED LYTE" and "LampFire" so stay tuned for behind the scene footage of this.

Doot Co 3 Minute Interview (trailer) from CREATIVEsession on Vimeo.

3 Minutes w/ Paul Vu Photography

"I will probably spend less than 1/100th of my lifetime actually snapping photos, but hopefully my photos last more than my lifetime."

-- Paul Vu

Paul Vu is someone we consider ambitious, talented and has been establishing himself in parallel to Creative Session for quite some time now.

Being Portland bred an artist and in the same age bracket, it's surprising our creative journey has never crossed paths until now. Paul recently relocated from Portland OR to Oakland CA  post finishing a degree in Commercial Photography from the Art Institute of Seattle. His goal is to keep evolving as a photographer, seek new adventures, network & to add to his impressive portfolio.

Paul has a knack for active lifestyle photography, but this doesn't limit him in experimenting with new forms of photography. His photographs are amazing and he continues to query boundaries and challenge himself with each project. We are doing this featured artist interview of Paul because of his recent collaboration on the project we designed for Intel, If you haven't seen the Intel posting yet check it out here. The collaboration between Paul and C.S was the creative "Session." Thanks Paul without you we would have ended up with poor quality photos and a low resolution 26X8ft graphic for Intel.

Check out the interview:

Paul just finished a photoshoot this week @ the Hornet for a Game convention hopefully these photos will surface sometimes soon. Keep an eye on this guy everyone. Here are a few samples of his work.


Creative Session Paul Vu Photography

Biker Paul Vu Creative Session CreativeSession

Creative Session Paul Vu Photographer

Creative Session CreativeSession Paul Vu

Creative Session CreativeSession Paul Vu

Creative Session CreativeSession Paul Vu

Creative Session CreativeSession Paul Vu