Audi B2 Concept Skates

As an industrial designer I'm forced to live one life, and one life only; a highly sacrificial one. I spend my days chiseling away chunks of my brain in hopes of revealing a smarter future by designing products and experiences that impact how we will live five to ten years down the road; So while you're enjoying your iPhone 4, we designers are out creating the 6! Simple task? No. Bruised brain? Yes, but I'm willing to trade anything for a little CreativeSession love!

This project however, is the total opposite. I see it as an escape from the daily mind grind. It's always nice to be able to sit back, put A-1 on the tracks, and rock out a quick mindless illustration for the pure love of art.

After cruising Coroflot for a few hours I was crazily inspired by some of Jan Bujnak's work which led me to the illustration of these boots! Enjoy!   Creative Session hoang m Anh T Nguyen Audi Boot Jan Bujnak

Audi boot b2 creative session a-1 hoang m anh t nguyen creativesession

hoang m Audi boot b2 creative session a-1 anh t nguyen creativesession

More shots can be found here!

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