"All things BEGETs itself."

Although the waves weren't that perfect today I had an awesome time talking to this guy; Kenny Jones or Kenny Heartwright because he spends a big percentage of his time thinking/writing about philosophy of the heart. (he showed me a rock he found in the shape of a heart.) The energy you put out is the energy you receive back from the world.  Kenny mentioned he's found many heart shaped souvenirs in nature for awhile now.  I can believe THIS.

The highlights of our conversation is when he said "Thanks for putting me in CHECK." I asked what do you mean? He replied that when he approaches someone and they ask how he is doing ? He replies with one of two things. "I am either doing really well" or "Thank You" - When I say Thank You I am checking my self. Kenny feels we don't spend enough time checking in with our selves and that most of the time we are frazzled with an  "I am OK"  cause we  are caught in a robotic routine that most of us are familiar with. I agree with Kenny and advice that we spend some time checking in with our selves, take the time to recap on where we currently are and what we want to do in the future. Have a plan but live in the moment we are often overwhelmed with milestones and checkpoints that we put happiness in the back seat cause we are constantly trying to achieve and not celebrating whats ACHIEVED.

Serendipitously I picked up a good analogy as I head into the ocean. I mentioned I really enjoy being out here alone although the beach is filled with surfer being alone in my own thoughts and feeling belittled by this massive ocean really re corrects me. It therapeutic and a great way to reset my self. Kenny continued with it's like a BEST FRIEND- really good friends bring out the best in you and each time you head to the ocean it's like have a date with your best friend. "It  brings out the best in you and your thoughts like a best friend should."

In the end everything begets it self. We had a conversation- this act Begot our friendship but the many great things we talked about begets more thoughts in my mind.