Anh T Nguyen | Cut&Paste SF

This was our first time attending a Cut&Paste event. The last time C&P was in town, we didn"t get a chance to come and spectate. It took an invitation for Anh Nguyen to compete for the whole team to come witness AN AMAZING EVENT.
is a live design battle where selected designers face one another in a deathmatch freestyle battle. Winner holds bragging rights in their city and moves onto a final battle in New York. This years Cut&Paste battle held three different categories to compete in: 3D Design, Motion/Animation & 2D Design.

"Create like a god, Command like a king, Work like a slave."

-- Constantin Brancusi

Cut & Paste @ Mezzanine on Febuary 16, 2012

Anh Nguyen of the C.S. crew was one of the selected few to compete in this year"s 1vs1vs1vs1 3D Design Battle, the topic was "Alternative Transportation". Each designer had 20 minutes to design, render and layout a clear and concise image that visually portrays the idea of an alternative transportation in front of an LIVE audience.

Our short recap video of the night:

The competition was tough, Anh competed against:
Jana Johnson: a 3D artist at Zynga. Website
Nambi Gardner: an architect formerly working for Gensler and now owns her own firm called GardnerDesignLab
Ray Sena: conceptual 3D artist. Website

It was definitely a nerve-wracking battle, considering the amount of talent of the competition. We all felt nervous as spectators, but imagine how Anh felt in the hot seat. In the end, Anh took 1st place with the design of the MAGIC CARPET.