Business Cards

>Designed by: Anh Nguyen ( bi ) As we're getting more established as a business, we need to be able to keep making new connections. It'll be much easier now because "WE JUST RECEIVED OUR FIRST BUSINESS CARDS!" Having lunch today in the neighborhood, we called Clubcard Printing hoping we could come in and see a finished card or two. Them cats told us we could swing by to peep.

The designs of the cards are simple, clear and concise. Drawing inspiration from credit cards, we've implemented these aesthetics in detailing our own business cards. Breaking away from traditional business cards, we've shortened the height a few millimeters in constant reminder that our cards are nearly finished. The remaining info is filled in accordingly to our situation. This emphasizes spontaneity in all art, design, and networking opportunities.

If you get one from us, you know you're special. Each card takes a little effort, and it's totally customizable. We've blessed each one personally and you'll know each card is unique. Some might have just our name, some might have our numbers, and some might even have sketches on them. We've made distributing business cards a more intimate experience, and we're looking forward to giving them out to you and making those connections.

-Steven -Hoang -Arnelle