Creative dissapointment...

I spotted this rare chunk of knowledge lying on a friends wall while "Facebook stalking" this morning. Generally I can careless about the millions of text graphics floating around Facebook, but this is a definite gem.  

creative session design


I personally feel like this is a lesson to ALL level creatives, not only fresh designers. Believe it or not, we are all students in the design game. We all face new projects, clients and competition on a daily basis. Even as an established designer, I still run into as many problems as I did as a student. The only difference is tolerance and experience, these are the things you gain by pushing on and not giving up.


After years of designing professionally, I'm still pulling all nighters trying to make sense of all the shitty designs I produce. Gotta remember, not all designs start off perfect... It takes TONS of crafting and sculpting, but with courage ANYTHING is possible!!!!


Alright, goodnight folks!