Cut&Paste : Winner

Last night was awesome! Thanks Cut&Paste for putting on such a good show. This was our first time attending a C&P event. The last few times C&P was in town, we never got to come and spectate. It took an invitation for Anh Nguyen to come and compete for the whole team to come witness AN AMAZING EVENT. Don't sleep on this event; its wildly fun, and if you haven't been before, the next design battle will be in LA  (TBD) and London on April 26th.

Check out the Cut&Paste website for more info :

Cut & Paste 2012 FEB 16 2012

Last night, Anh Nguyen competed in the 3D Design battle. The design challenge was to design an alternative form of transportation in 20 minutes, which includes modeling, rendering and any post-production graphics. At the end of the 20 minutes, he needed to have two final renderings of your design. It should visually communicate that it's an alternative vehicle on its own.

It was definitely a nerve wrecking battle, considering the amount of talented people under one roof. We all felt nervous as spectators imagining how Anh felt in the hot seat. In the end, Anh took 1st place with the design of the MAGIC CARPET.

Cut & Paste 2012 FEB 16 2012

Now He's moving onto the semifinals in NEW YORK, with the date still to be determined. Mini roadtrip!

Creative Session Anh T Nguyen