We are conduits for creativity. Our creative output is a reflection of our practices; who we are, how we treat people, what we believe in, the things we think, our attention to detail, etc.

“I have this philosophy that every time I draw something or sit down to try and design, whatever I do is a culmination of everything that I have seen, done and experienced in my life before that point in time.”

We are often asked, how many hours do we work a week. Most of the time it’s hard to answer, but to simplify things: you don’t have to work to be working. As designers, what we choose to do while not designing, defines the quality and depth of the things we create while designing.

So remember to read more, write more, travel more, meet more, think more, play more, live more and experience more! Design is largely a mind game. To work on yourself, is to work on your design skills!