Jennifer Aquino the "PaperSmith"

Its amazing how social media has changed the platform in meeting people. More specifically it sped up our rate in discovering and sharing. Jennifer Aquino is one of those people I stumbled upon and continue to follow her craft. She is what I dubbed the "PaperSmith" (instagram:jboogs317)

(Bellow are few photos Jennifer shared with me.)


As most of you know my brother and I are a bit crazy about sneakers so imagine how excited we were to find someone working with paper as a medium. Jennifer does an incredible job at working in a structural and 3dimensional way, unlike origami she seems to have the mindset of a seamstress and an engineer as she tackles each paper project.


As a creative I know what it's like to be driven by passion and finding inspiration in everything. As ambiguous as everything is, you always will find a way to apply it back into your craft. For Jennifer she finds inspiration all around her, whether it is music, movies or cruising the aisle at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You can imagine exactly how Bed, Bath & Beyond of sorts is a supply store for her. Think about the variety of texture, materials and randomness you may find when your mindset is in search for interesting paper for the next paper shoe.

Jennifer claims as geeky as it may be, when working on some Jordan Concord's she was out shopping for a friends gift. The gift bag she bought had the perfect texture for her project so she bought 50 more. Now that's passion.