"Welcome to the Great Indoor Gathering" --Core77  <--read the full article here.  lampfire_featureCore77_hoangmnguyen

We designed "Lampfire" around this same time last year at about mid December to early January. If it was remotely anything close to how cold it is right now, I can imagine the influences in having a faux indoor campfire. (doesn't produce heat though haha.)

Nostalgia is really the main driver in designing LampFire. The memories linked with crackling fires, burnt indigenous wood, clothes suffocating in smoke and mesquite flavored hair are all attributes of bonding around an amber lit campfire. The feel involved around a campfire are the influences applied in designing an indoor lamp that advocates coming together and bonding around a central matter.

In light of the situation here are some unreleased photos of "LampFire" (no pun intended.)