legends are made, not born

I ran by this pretty epic NBA commercial and found it extremely relevant to all things passion related. It's nothing short of eye candy for hardcore ballers, a mash-up video throwing all NBA elites into one era, on the same court. Interesting watch, but maybe it holds a deeper meaning?

A very interesting concept became apparent while watching the many generations of superstars ball out; stardom is not permanent nor is it guaranteed. Stars rise and they fall; doors open and they close; designers come and they go. Every time a person dies a baby is born, a new opportunity awaits, and a legend is yet to be told. Too often our journey is clouded by doubt and derailed by the thought of impossibility, or the fear of not being chosen. We must remember that Jordan made the impossible possible, and that some of the greatest were not chosen so they chose themselves. They worked later, longer, harder, smarter, hungrier, etc.

In order to succeed we must remember to keep on pushing on. With every generation a few slots of opportunity open up for those who are ready to dream big! Are you ready to live your legend?