Marriage of Sound and Light

Many of the best ideas discovered are stumbled upon by accident. What we're about to show you is the epitome of that realization. In an attempt to create a completely redesigned set of speakers, Hoang and Anh of CREATIVESESSION, alongside their friend Poom Puttorngul, eventually came up with Sound Bulb.

Originally, they had planned on taking the hardware of a speaker and outfitting it in a custom design that was completely brand new and innovative. They decided that the simplicity of that was too elementary, so the idea was developed from trying to figure out the best way to make an evolved speaker that offered more than just exceptional resonance. The Sound Bulb is a seamless collision of light and sound.

The idea is that you can wirelessly stream whatever you want to either a series of synced multiple bulbs, or to a single individual bulb. For example, if you place yourself in a restaurant setting, the restaurant would have the option of playing their choice of music for all the customers, OR to make the experience more intimate and memorable, they could give the customers the freedom to stream whatever they want to the bulb installed above their table.

This concept has gotten them tons of press online, reeling in more than 30k hits on Yanko Design. It was also featured on Engadget and Gizmodo, plus if you google search "Sound Bulb", there are multiple results pages with links to sites that highlight their design.

We all dream up the most random ideas. The beauty of having people like Hoang and Anh on your team, is the fact that they can gather the accurate info and execute an actual reasonable visual manifestation of our dreams. Making our dreams into a reality within reach.

Take a close look at the photos to see how they made this idea feasible.

Beautiful isn't it?