Those wondering about our process, here is a peek at Minus 8's intro video. Remember to spend some time in silence to sketch and map out ideas that initially comes to mind. This helps track your thinking for when you start implementing. As you can see here, sometimes we do very little sketching and a lot more writing.


The brand lends itself to the details used in the animation. The ticking sound from a watch was our starting point. Originally we wanted to time all graphics on a 5 tick count but turns out the tick audio alone was so lame. Design is about improvising, we added Kanye's Jesus Walks to the mix and it was the the perfect combination, the tempo matched the ticks and the track meshed nicely giving an organized & military feel.


We wanted to capture the different faces Minus 8 has to offer from their collection. Conceptually the animation should capture everything watch related. Emphasizing on sounds, visuals and the offerings from the first collection. We wanted to also end the animation with a bang. The smoke and "boom" sound effect acted as the stamp of approval, verifying this company means business.