Nike Roshe Woven 2.0

Random fact. We're both obsessed over sneakers. Yes, we're shoe whores. Children of the 80's. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon right next door to Nike. We've fantasized over the idea of becoming shoe designers for the big SWOOSH as kids. Inspired and drooled over idols like Tinker Hatfield. While attending design school in San Francisco we both had ambitions of coming back to fulfill our shoe designing prophecy. Its funny our careers took a slight detour as the appeal of the tech industry in the Silicon Valley grew on us like charm of an annoying crush. Now-a-days we live vicariously through guys like Nathan VanHook and buy lots of sneakers in homage of our early dreams. CreativeSession_Woven2_nike_blog3

The latest pick-up are these Nike Roshe Woven 2.0 - We love the weaving details, they're so breathable, great for the spring time and the leather detail screams premium and high fashion.