Challenge The Senses

CreativeSession_Senses_HoangMNguyen_AnhTNguyen Design should always challenge our senses. Because senses stimulate thought.

This morning as I slowly start my work day. I spent a little time consuming my social feed of what has become a world of constant retweets, repost and buzzfeed. Yes, as they are sometimes entertaining, more often my time is what's consumed.

I'm glad I wasted the time this morning because a delightful thought came to mind while watching a video of a friend singing. Actually it was a feeling before a thought was realized. I felt CHILLS. Chills from nothing more than someones voice. Isn't it amazing without any tools the human body is capable of this. I would trade my design skills for a golden voice.

Whats interesting to me about the concept of singing is that a singer is very in tuned with their vocal chords. They have amazing control of their voice, breathing and technique, this combination makes for an amazing sound. Singers provoke thought through sound. Years of practice, fine tuning and knowing the nuances separates a good singer to a great one. Contrast that to design.  We use a combination of hand, eye coordination to provoke thought through sight.

Build a strong foundation and always challenge the senses.