"Tha Business" C.S says PROTECT THY SELF

Legitimate use of violence can only be that which is required in self-defense.

Ron Paul

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In early September we did a lot of commuting to and from the city to capture the essence of SF for the “Intel IDF” event. Often times we found ourselves caught up in some sketchy situations (not necessarily first hand, but more like a witness or bystander.) An idea came to me while walking down a street scandalous enough to make me wish I had a bat in hand just in case something crazy breaks out.

A reminder sketch. I doodled this as soon as I got home.

The Business project, early concept sketch.

“Tha Business” is a self defense kit. A concept designed to target people who commute at odd hours of the day and are often caught in sticky situations. My inspiration is a wallet size magnifying lens. I thought it’d be pretty knarly to design a deck of self defense cards. Things such as brass knuckles, pepper spray, pocket knives & whistles to name a few. These are common self-protection objects most civilians carry. Essentially the person would be able to pick and choose the specific tool s/he would need depending on the situation.

So this began my design adventure. The project was short, but a fun exercise in graphic, packaging & industrial design. I specifically chose this idea so that I can polish up on my graphic and packaging department.

Creative Session Tha Business

Creative Session Tha Business

CreativeSession Tha Business

These last two images are wallpapers. Click to download.

Creative Session Tha Business

We're getting somewhere here, possibly a red cross giveaway?

Creative Session Tha Business