standing on the shoulders of giants

In this day and age, even a ten year old can find a nice comfortable place on the shoulders of the worlds most influential people. I'm sure you've heard quotes like this before, it's been swished around and regurgitated in many forms, but retains one simple meaning; you're defined by the company you keep. For students, it wasn't long ago when your growth and progression was defined by the level of competition and commitment within your classroom. Because of the internet, this no longer holds true. The players have been multiplied by trillions, and in order to be great we must realize that the battle extends beyond the walls of our universities. You're no longer competing with lazy John who never turns in his assignments, but with BMW designers and other extremely established individuals. Social media outlets allow us to follow and expose ourselves to some of the greatest talents on earth, DO NOT take this for granted!

As a person who's extremely passionate about sketching, I've been approached by many who are looking to fine tune their drawing skills. Unfortunately, I wasn't born with a Prismacolor in hand so I went the 10,000 hour route. The only sneaky thing I did was have a few browsers open with Brook Banham, Chris Harsacky and Aaron Hughes (some of my earliest influences) sketches while I practiced. Remember, the world is your oyster. Run with giants and FUCK the boundaries! ;)