Trophy for 2012 URBAN DANCE FEST

A few weeks back Sergio and Freya of "All the Way Live" reached out to us about designing the trophy for this years "Urban Dance Festival". They both wanted to finesse every detail from the location, venue, fliers, shirts and trophy.

The idea is to create a holistic experience that will carry on in the years to come. This is exciting because it' should set an expectation for each new year.

In the past the trophies where usually generic off the shelf poly-urethane cups but this year we wanted to integrate design thinking in designing the trophy but dancing characteristics as well.

Check our process video:

"We are as committed to creating this as you are to winning this"-- Creative Session

2012 URBAN DANCE FESTIVAL TROPHY - ATWL X CS from Creative Session on Vimeo.

Here are random photos taken from Iphone throughout the process: