As much as our designer hearts desire to have our hands in everything creative there isn't enough Creative Session's to execute everything we'd like to do at the level we expect. Apparel is a great example of our lack of man power, we focus a large percentage of our time into industrial design that all the interesting apparel doesn't really get produced, we'd have a sample here and there but never a large enough quantity to sell.  There are a ton of you emailing inquiring about purchasing unfortunately our focus isn't fully on apparel yet!  The "Dream Catcher" is our commitment in executing our project through and through so after this contest we will!  So here is the deal, we'd like to give out 3 "Dream Catcher" sweater to 3 lucky winner after the contest we're going to drop this on kickstarter to motivate us to open our online apparel section. PEEP the VIDEO and enter to WIN