Adidas Tubular Primeknit Stone

Unfortunately we failed miserably trying to pick up a pair o Yeezy Boost so I settled for these poor mans Yeezy. The Tubular Primknits stone grey are pretty underated, personally i think they're hot. I'm digging everything Adidas has been dropping in the last year.

Starry Sky

{ } California Made Clothing that affirms your true beauty. Eye catching fashions for the everyday fabulous woman. jasper_peg_shoot_creativesession_hoang_breannebumanlag_3

For the lack of behind the scene photos for this project, I'm unable to show you guys our thought process this time around. But here's a change of pace for ya, photos from the shoot and a promo video.

J&P reached out to shoot a promo to feature their "Starry Night" line. These draping hoodies, embellished with icey white crystals remind us of beautiful rain drops. After noticing the duality of the white and black pieces we conceptualized around the idea of Yin/Yang. The contrast between dark and light, good and evil. We settled on the idea of two alternate versions of oneself, and what it might be like if somehow these two versions interacted with each other in two separate but identical universes.

Although the final video isn't as elaborate as the original idea, we're really happy with the results. Tell us what you think about this project and enjoy the photos taken from this day.



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I don't stray from Nike too often and have not fallen so deeply in love with a pair of shoes since the Nike Inneva NRGs. I would have to say these are the best designed sneaker of 2013. Yohji Yamamoto definately made the decision easy for ya boy! Experience the hovercraft/floater/donut/airbag sole for yourself! :) CREATIVESESSION QASA Y-3 DESIGN CREATIVESESSION QASA Y-3 DESIGN CREATIVESESSION QASA Y-3 DESIGN CREATIVESESSION QASA Y-3 DESIGN CREATIVESESSION QASA Y-3 DESIGN


"The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work."

--Thomas A. Edison 

Coming  into 2013, Anh and I felt hopeful for Creative Session and excited for what the future will throw our way. Incredibly for the both of us, opportunities are perceived as fun and hard work merely feels like playing. While we both juggle regular day jobs at  Astro Studio and Lab126 we make it a priority to routinely get together, have fun, and design without limitations via Creative Session. With C.S. we love what we do, therefore it never feels like hard-work. As ambitious as this year unfolded, I have to be honest. I never imagined it ending working with AUDI.

It went down like this. We posted on Instagram. Audi Re-Posted with the caption "If this is just a doodle, imagine a full drawing. Now that's impressive. " The sketches gained traction on Social media.  Sarah Lindberg (Marketing @ Twitter) tweeted "That would make an incredible fabric print. #IWantanAudiDress."  Audi reached out and the rest was history. 


 "If this is just a doodle, imagine a full drawing. Now that's impressive. "


The best part about doodling is the freedom to imagine and explore ideas loosely on paper and then to interpret them into something of visual value.  These therapeutic sessions inspire new avenues but notably has become a series we dub "5 Minute Doodle." Who would have imagined a simple 5.M.D posted on INSTAGRAM would've opened up unimaginable doors: designing a dress inspired by Audi from a Post-it note and attending an Audi A3 reveal, a private rooftop party. It still feels unbelievable, even today.


(Custom artwork designed using our Audi sketches.)

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but doing it."

--Greg Anderson

Audi’s request was simple but the experience was HUGE. Design a dress that retains the original sketch and captures the company's aesthetics. For us both, this journey was worth every moment; as professionals, we are often silo-ed into very specific trades and to say we're only industrial designers is to deny us of the very reason we started designing. Basically, we do what we do for the love of art and creativity and shouldn't  be limited in anyway. This project captured more than just industrial design for us, this project allowed us to be uncomfortable, to experiment and to collaborate which is what CS is all about.

Here is a photo diary and video of our Audi experience. We can't say this enough but we are truly thankful and honored to have been a part of all this.






















This is what started this all:



First off I would like to apologize for the sloppy iP5 photos! You're looking at the first watches I've ever designed. This was a colaboration between the man David Whetstone and I through our design gig at ASTRO studios for Electric! These were intended to  expand their brand and launch a new watch division! After working in the consultancy world for 4+ years I can tell you this - RARELY does a design stay true to its original intent so when it does EMBRACE the shit out of it. It is definitely awesome seeing the product through production and how honest the watches kept to the original sketches. Thanks to ASTRO + Electric for the oppertunity, the design experience was truly one of a kind! #THUMBSUP electricvisual design creativesession

electricvisual design creativesessionelectricvisual design creativesession


electricvisual design creativesessionelectricvisual  design creativesession electricvisual  design creativesession


The DOPEST thing about designing with the ASTRO crew is the amount of creative control and support each and every designer is provided. We're all given the rare opportunity to explore and fall in love with design through creating "passion projects." It is the things we love most, we fight the hardest for- and personal projects  are the ones that push us to do just that. This is the result of a 3 year long ASTRO incubation from our CD Dana Kreiger with the support from the whole ASTRO crew! Make sure you RSVP and show up to the event to see and hear the complete process, from sketch to manufacture! Below are a few  grainy snaps of what to expect from the Minus-8 launch party!


minus8_0 minus8_1 minus8_2 minus8_3 minus8_4 minus8_5


I wouldn't call myself a photographer but I do own a canon 5d that's mainly used for videos. I Thought why not give it a try.  About a month back I connected with owner of Jasper & Peg Breanne Bumanlag brought out my sigma 50mm  1.4 and shot these for the company. Check out Jasper&Peg here are a few photos from the shoot:


(click to enlarge)

CreativeSession_Photoshoot_jasperpeg2 (click to enlarge)


(click to enlarge)

Inneva Mine Grey

I can finally say I'm a proud father of these Inneva woven sneaks (and wipe away a few months worth of drool)! I've been patiently waiting on the perfect colorway since it's debut in 2012. The contrast and balance between the grey and orange is just perfect! nike inneva creativesession sneaker nsw

nike inneva creativesession sneaker nsw


CS x Camp Pendleton x Birthday x Fun

A mini weekend trip the crew took to hang out with some friends at Camp Pendleton CA. The headliner of the event is our friend Jacqueline. Happy Birthday Jacqueline (nick name Cookie or Cooks hence the title of the video) Enjoy the video:

Caselogic Ag++ (arrived)

I've been anxiously waiting on this Caselogic "Ag++" case for about two weeks now. Surprisingly when you order from their online store, all orders are fulfilled in Hong Kong so shipping takes longer. I would imagine them having a US presence and shipping be a bit faster (unfortunately not.) I actually stumbled upon this case by accident looking at various ID work on Behance. (great site for those of you looking for inspiration or to hire) The case is designed by Andrea Ponti check out his Behance here.




Jasper & Peg Branding Video

  Its only been a month into the New Year and I swear our schedule for 2013 is quite full already. All of which is good news, and that creative organ of ours really is paying our bills.

Most of you whom follow Creative Session's work know, We dabble a bit into videography. We try to incorporate video work into as much of our work as possible. We've built quite a solid team within the last 6 months, Chris Rivera from New York is the latest addition to the crew.

As of late we've been working with owner of "Jasper & Peg" Breanne Bumanlag on brand identity and filming Jasper & Peg's bio video. Here are some screen captures and a quick description of the video concept...


When we were first approached by Jasper and Peg, the first thing we noticed about the clothing line was this duality of white and black pieces, and after spit balling a few Yin/Yang concepts around, we settled on this idea that centered around the possibility of two alternate versions of oneself, and what it might be like if somehow these two versions interacted with each other in two separate but identical universes.


Anyway, we're still pretty early on in the editing stages, but the video is coming along nicely so far, as promised here's a few screen caps to hold you over until the video is released sometime over the next few weeks.



As much as our designer hearts desire to have our hands in everything creative there isn't enough Creative Session's to execute everything we'd like to do at the level we expect. Apparel is a great example of our lack of man power, we focus a large percentage of our time into industrial design that all the interesting apparel doesn't really get produced, we'd have a sample here and there but never a large enough quantity to sell.  There are a ton of you emailing inquiring about purchasing unfortunately our focus isn't fully on apparel yet!  The "Dream Catcher" is our commitment in executing our project through and through so after this contest we will!  So here is the deal, we'd like to give out 3 "Dream Catcher" sweater to 3 lucky winner after the contest we're going to drop this on kickstarter to motivate us to open our online apparel section. PEEP the VIDEO and enter to WIN

Shocker lifestyle

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."  -- Plato

Passion, inspiration, & ambition are attributes that drive us in doing the things we love. Unconditional effort to achieve more, to want more; is my main vehicle moving forward in life.

In light of National Breast Cancer Awareness month we're showing love with a design that literally spells out "Love", and what better way to spell it than some caring hand gestures.


Last week on a ride home I thought of my friend Dennis Truong's brand Shocker Lifestyle. His brand lends itself to really interesting graphic hand gestures. The best part is- for both of us, the common goal is success. Our tickets are booked, we're traveling at a different pace, but our journey will come with many blessings.  We're all creating our own movements in hope that our ripples turn into waves.  It's all because of Love that drives us forward, and this very word LOVE is what I thought will be perfect in designing what you will see here:


 (thanks for the package Dennis.)

(reminds me of the plaques that come with Lids hats.)



Nike Knits up a storm!

A couple weeks ago I made a trip up to Portland on some family business and was lucky enough to pick up a few pairs of FlyKnits prior to official release! I happened to run into Mark Parker (Nike CEO) while at Nike, but was too nervous to ask for a photo!  

The FlyKnit is Nike's newest tech sneaker - fresh off the knitting needle! I've been patiently waiting on these for over a year! Definitely a gem, precise craftsmanship and unbelievable quality. They're literally lighter than your iPhone!


Thanks for a good time family, friends and Nike! Until next time!


nike flyknit creativesession design

nike flyknit creativesession design

nike flyknit creativesession design

nike flyknit creativesession design

nike flyknit creativesession design

Olympians rocking the FlyKnits! nike flyknit creativesession design olympics