Distinguished Anarchy's first batch

I'm really excited to update everyone about his progress. He decided to start slow by producing embroidered t-shirts and sweaters. This will help him and his business partner Anh to start promoting brand identity in Portland. I'm excited for the future for these guys.

A Few months back I received a phone call from Drew Amado of Distinguished Anarchy based in Portland Oregon. Drew has been meaning to jump start a sophisticated gentlemen's brand in Portland Oregon, He feels there are no labels catering to strictly classy men and wanted to start a cut and sew brand up there. Being Portland born I love to connect with entrepreneurial creatives from Portland. We talked for about an hour exchanging ideas about his brand and ideas for logos. About 4 pages of doodles and sketches and a week later- A tough decision but we settled on this logo you see here:

Creative Session Logo Design by Creative Session

Distinguished Anarchy Creative Session First Batch of shirts