Free Work Free Excercise

Sometimes doing free work allow you to be less self conscious about your design, let the ego down and have fun. [dropcap_2]My[/dropcap_2] long time friend Amy reached out to me the other day asking if I could design her 2012 softball team's jersey. They're called the "Banana Sluggers" and them fuggers are  a damn good team. So why not make it official with a well designed jersey.

Most years they get by with “Banana Sluggers” spelled in front a number on the back then names and sponsor carefully placed. They’ve never really had a logo so I thought maybe I should take a stab at it since it has become and annual thing for them. While Amy described the team my brain had already started crunching ideas.




The first thing that came to mind immediately was the peeled banana revealing a baseball bat! — I thought i’d run with that cause it’s honestly pretty clever. I wanted to add a silhouette of a softball behind the crossed bat but quickly realized it’s not going to be successful. The next thought was the baseball diamond and I think that is more successful.

Amy spoke a bit more about the team and the sponsors. Beaver Engraving and Suki Bar & Grill. My final thought was that we should keep the crossed bat with the baseball diamond as the base then add sponsors into the mix with each year as the sponsors change.

This year Beaver and Suki are added and this is result.


Keep in mind the design should be a two color print using vinyl. If there were no requirements I would want to add more detail to the beaver.