Jasper & Peg Branding Video

  Its only been a month into the New Year and I swear our schedule for 2013 is quite full already. All of which is good news, and that creative organ of ours really is paying our bills.

Most of you whom follow Creative Session's work know, We dabble a bit into videography. We try to incorporate video work into as much of our work as possible. We've built quite a solid team within the last 6 months, Chris Rivera from New York is the latest addition to the crew.

As of late we've been working with owner of "Jasper & Peg" Breanne Bumanlag on brand identity and filming Jasper & Peg's bio video. Here are some screen captures and a quick description of the video concept...


When we were first approached by Jasper and Peg, the first thing we noticed about the clothing line was this duality of white and black pieces, and after spit balling a few Yin/Yang concepts around, we settled on this idea that centered around the possibility of two alternate versions of oneself, and what it might be like if somehow these two versions interacted with each other in two separate but identical universes.


Anyway, we're still pretty early on in the editing stages, but the video is coming along nicely so far, as promised here's a few screen caps to hold you over until the video is released sometime over the next few weeks.