CRE SES Photoshoot Outtakes

We just had our first photoshoot last Tuesday. Hopefully you've all had a chance to check out our hoodies and sweaters before, and now you get a chance to see them on us. Being a startup, we don't have the luxury like other companies to hire models, so we used ourselves and some friends. We wanted to really give everyone a raw internal look into who we are as a company, and we tried to do a less-than-traditional photoshoot. We just made sure to enjoy ourselves and show us as naturally as possible.We want to thank Andres Quiroz for taking these pictures for us; we're loving the photos he took, and we're glad he was able to deal with our general craziness. Our photoshoot took place at Astro Studios in San Francisco. Gotta thank Anh for letting us use the space. It was definitely more fun than business, and that's how we like it.