Earn Your Stripes

--The Story:

Yo, one word. Keith, thats the word. So we've been working hard for the last week just to get the Karmaloop's promo video ready. Even though it was tough to put together, we had enough time to get these "EARN YOUR STRIPES" shirts done.

Keith Magruder Earn Your Stripes creativesession

For serious, holler at Keith via keith@creativesession.us. We're all about making shit happen. After a hectic week, we slipped in a couple hours of work to get a few CREATIVEsession shirts to pass out at the KAZBAY party.

Check out the details, you should know we love to be a part of every aspect of our designs. From designing to screen printing; whatever the endeavor is, we want to connect at all levels.

Steven came after work to see the process through. Steven is all about the business aspect of our company, we admire that he wants to understand every detail of the business from designing, printing, and to marketing.

Make sure you make it out to Atmosphere on Friday, October 15th to grab a CREATIVEsession sample shirt. We've got so much in the works. Just stay tuned.