KAZBAY Promo Video Shoot

Hopefully by now, you've all seen CREATIVESESSION's Karmaloop's KAZBAY promo starring Arnelle (and if not, view it here). The process behind it was grueling and tedious, but also a lot of fun. We all enjoy each other's company, so even with a lot on our plates, we always manage to have fun while doing it.

With Hoang behind the camera, you never really know what to expect for the end product. We had the camera only on Thursday night, so we had an extremely tight deadline, so we were only able to film for one night with very little time for scripting. But in the end, with lots of filming and many hours of cuts and editing, we ended up with a video that we could be proud of. You have to hand it to Arnelle; she was really great on camera. Now we just need to see everyone on this Friday, October 15th at Atmosphere in San Francisco!

Here it is again if you want to see it:

Karmaloop Kazbah - Kazbay party - OCT 15h 2010 from CREATIVEsession on Vimeo.