Thought Processes

While these may just look like sketches on a lowly notepad, they're actually the beginnings of an idea. The quick sketches, the crude lines, they come together to form features; these features are constantly evolving, with new ideas coming from everyday inspirations.

It's not all business, though. Sometimes it's just to pass the time. Sometimes, we use sketching as entertainment; an outlet to really express ourselves on our own time. It can range from silly and fun to concentrated and organized. But sometimes the greatest ideas and brainstorms for our projects can come from a quick sketch session while sitting in a lecture, or just passing the time.

These ideas come, and suddenly we want to see the idea from all angles. Purpose and real life application are added in the mixture and these sketches become fully formed ideas with shape, form, and utility.

With these ideas down, the design can really turn into something beautiful, like what you see below.

Work by Anh Nguyen