Word Vomit.

This one is called "Word Vomit." Haha. Pretty straightforward concept, right? It's a literal translation of the phrase. Quite simply, "word vomit" is used to describe when we pretty much blurt things out before thinking about what we're saying. Then because of this, we usually almost immediately regret what we said and wish we didn't say it. There are a million things we say in our lives that we speak on impulsively that probably would have been better left unsaid. This piece communicates that clearly. I think it's rather funny.

It's a mixed media piece. I drew her face with a regular ballpoint pen, then scanned the image in to the computer, and built on it and effected it in Photoshop.

I was smiling the whole time while I was making this. I hope it does the same for you when you see it.

\\ Arnelle