"I CREATIVEsession Around"

Back by popular demand, the I CS SF sweaters. This time around we're also making the I CS PDX version. It's only right that we carry the PDX edition to support our lovely hometown. Its been raining for weeks and it has been hard to do a photo shoot of these new sweaters (I guess it should of been obvious we take these photos in the rain since PDX rains 90% of the time anyway). Now that the rain is behind us and the lovely California sun is back, Brea and I set out to take photos of the "I CREATIVEsession Around" collection.

With the help of Lisa Bumanlag from SignScape Graphics, we produced these prototype sweaters in a timely manner and should be taking pre-orders for all interested buyers starting out very soon. Calling out all PDX kids.

Here are some of the outtakes of todays shoot (enjoy):


Breanne Bumanlag - follow via Twitter Breanne Bumanlag modelling our creative session sweater.

...and now we're having fun. creativesession I CS PDX series.

All photo shoots should have a wind machine right? The hair's got to be blowing in the wind... But aren't we inside? Haha i cs pdx, creativesession

Back to Front- "I CS PDX" front and our medallion on the back near the neckline. creativesession

The crop is nice on this one. breanne bumanlag modelling our creativesession sweater

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The Foundation Event ft. EARN YOUR STRIPES gear and design

Updated: This is a guest post from Hieu Pham of Moon Patrol Crew, who is a good friend of ours in Portland. The longest running bboy competition in Portland, The Foundation has always been a jam that everyone looks forward to each year. For the longest time, there was no promotion involved; the event didn't even have a name. We knew it as "Reed", since it was at Reed College in the Sellwood area, and promotions were strictly word of mouth. When the 6th competition came around, Huy Pham, my older brother, decided to start calling the event "Foundation". The reason behind the name was because it was the jam where a lot of the Portland bboys made a name for themselves. That’s what this event was always about. The money was always just a bonus.

The team up with CREATIVEsession happened because of a shirt design that sparked all kinds of ideas in my head. This was the "Earn Your Stripes" shirt, designed by the creative minds of Hoang and Anh from CREATIVEsession. I always felt that traveling was essential to the growth of a dancer. You put yourself in a completely different city, where no one knows who you are. The real challenge of this experience is to meet the standards of that scene. Win, lose, or draw, the outcome of it all is a change of perspective and a raised standard coming back home. Since a lot of Portland are younger kids that haven't had the opportunity to experience this, I decided to invite crews from outside of Portland this year. This included crews from Seattle, Texas, California, and Arizona. This was our way of bringing the travel experience to Portland.

All in all the jam went very well. People seemed to have enjoyed it, competitors and spectators alike. Music was great, very classic battles went down, and generations old and new of dancers were inspired. I was super stressed during it all, but in the end it was all worth it. Big thanks to everyone that supported and helped out with the event, especially my crew, my brother Huy Pham who was also the DJ, and my girlfriend Sereyneth who helped me throughout the entire process. BIG shoutout to CREATIVEsession for the shirt design and flyer design. See y'all next year!

Check out the final battle below:


So this year "The Foundation" is throwing it down at Reed College; the breakdance event is bringing competitors from all around the country to Portland, Oregon. Some of their previous guests include: SuperCr3w (ABDC champs), Skills Methodz, Massive Monkees, and many others. The event dubbed "Earn Your Stripes" will be happening on Saturday, April 9th, 2011, and doors open at 6PM.


Here at the CREses kitchen we're cooking up some hot flyers and posters for the event. The event will be titled "Earn Your Stripes", taking the name from one of our successful t-shirt design.

(Anh Nguyen rocking an "EARN YOUR STRIPES" shirt) earn your stripes sample

I spend a few solid days to knock the conception of the design out. I wanted to stay true to the shirts original design intent. The flyers kept the striped text - but also played up the concept a bit more by adding additional colored stripes. Hope you like:

(general layout of the post card)

creativesession the foundation flyer design

(some close ups)

creativesession, the foundation designing flyers

<(Fliers printed to fit a 8.5 x 11 sheet. Realistically it should be 5x3. )

Creativesession the foundation flyer design

creativesession desiging the foundation flyers.

CREATIVEsession X Unscripted X Rhymefest X Karmaloop

Last Thursday, Anh and Arnelle hosted Unscripted, Rhymefest, and Karmaloop at the Astro Studios for a late night photoshoot. We had a great night networking and meeting everyone and we're hoping for a lot of future collaborations.Overseeing the photoshoot process

Arnelle showing off her artistic skills

Rhymefest striking a pose

Roy from Unscripted with Rhymefest

Anh talking to Chris from Karmaloop and the Unscripted guys, while Arnelle interviews Rhymefest.

Thanks to Unscripted for providing us with these pictures.


Word Vomit.

This one is called "Word Vomit." Haha. Pretty straightforward concept, right? It's a literal translation of the phrase. Quite simply, "word vomit" is used to describe when we pretty much blurt things out before thinking about what we're saying. Then because of this, we usually almost immediately regret what we said and wish we didn't say it. There are a million things we say in our lives that we speak on impulsively that probably would have been better left unsaid. This piece communicates that clearly. I think it's rather funny.

It's a mixed media piece. I drew her face with a regular ballpoint pen, then scanned the image in to the computer, and built on it and effected it in Photoshop.

I was smiling the whole time while I was making this. I hope it does the same for you when you see it.

\\ Arnelle



This is a 21 event.

I"m telling you all right now, this is THE ONE AND ONLY party to be at on Friday, October 15, at ATMOSPHERE in SF. We"ve so cleverly dubbed this party "KAZBAY". We"re bringing the KARMALOOP guys out to party, in association with UPTHECITY, to bring you the bay"s most official, and FIRST OFFICIAL Karmaloop Kazbah streetwear party. Brought to you in part and hosted by CREATIVESESSION"s own Arnelle.

We have RHYMEFEST, the unsung hero of hip hop, coming to headline the event, plus 15 Kazbah brands in the house to sponsor/host the event. This means TONS of free streetwear giveaways. We will also be giving 50 exclusive collabo tees to the first 50 who show up, that the brands collaborated on SPECIFICALLY for this event, printed by Thick-n-Thin Printing. Attendees of this event will also get a special Karmaloop discount code to use on the website after the party.

Our creative team CREATIVESESSION will be present, showcasing art, along with a live tee slashing session by Cecilia Aragon of Punky Couture, specially for the ladies! Erin Paula formerly of Rin on the Rox will also be in the building.

Tons of media, press coverage...magazines, tv coverage...it"s going to be the night of a lifetime. Look at the list below to see just what you"ll be getting yourself into if you show up.

Chris Deleigh | Kazbah Director, model, host
Dennis Todisco | Marketing Director

C Plus

Fully Laced
Vintage Deadstock
Breezy Excursion
Gold Coin
United & Taken

Invisible Stripes
Booger Kids
Ava Domina

RJ Kool Raul
Grubber Juan
Justin Scott
Da Kidd

Aris Jerome
Mycol Chauncey
Alam Photo

Karmaloop Tv
Myx Tv

Contra Magazine


So...like I said, you definitely don"t want to miss this kids. For more info and the guestlist, visit www.upthecity.com. See you there! Please reblog this!