(Photo)Maker, (Dance)Breaker

Last August I traveled to El Salvador with the All The Way Live Foundation and had the privilege of being alongside some of the most talented and generous dancers and artists I have ever met. Among them was ‘Terrible’ Mike, a pretty sick dancer and equally passionate photographer, which I would later learn as we documented the foundation's Central America trip. Here are a couple of the photos Mike recently finished developing from the trip, but if you have some time to kill, I recommend checking out more pics here. danzafolkloricaladyisaacsergio emilio Check out more of Mike’s work at http://michaelkenneth.squarespace.com/ And go to http://allthewaylive.tv/ to find out more about All The Way Live Foundation.

Seize the Summer

The weather has been incredibly supportive of us being lazy about work and spend more time outdoors. Yes, we're both consistently pumping out good design work for our concerned clients. But! we're also squeezing in extra time for more surfing and mt. biking. Last night I made time to edit footage taken at Skeggs Point this past weekend with the new go pro 3. I love how convenient and compact the go pro can be, it really saves me weight and space from lugging around my heavy ass canon 5d.

Here is snippet of what I've edit so far. I'm waiting on more footage from a friend, once that comes I should be able to wrap this up. Enjoy this for now.

Skeggs Point (WIP) from Creative Session on Vimeo.


"Those mu'fuckas whom work well like brothers. Be afraid cause we are brothers."

Creative Session_Hoang M Nguyen_ Anh T Nguyen_NYC

Why, Aren't you Clever Nike

I'm spending 5 days in Shanghai working at one of factories following a device I designed for Amazon. While here I usually spend a big chunk of my time at the factory and get back to my hotel quite late, therefore the day time hour available to play tourist is little to none.


I was lucky enough to overlap a weekend trip. Landing Saturday I head straight to work and didn't get home until 845 pm.  On top of working late the awesome phenomenon we call "Jet Lag" wasn't playing in my favor.


Sunday I didn't have to come into the office until the afternoon so I walked to the near by shopping strip by the hotel. The area was jammed packed with shoppers and hustlers, the hustlers are super funny approaching you with brochures for fake; watches, hand bags, sneakers, clothing and sex. Any whom this is a whole other conversation on it's own.


From a far I spotted a Nike store, I religiously visit Nike stores in different cities because I really appreciate their interior design. This particular store had a huge photo wall, frames upon frames of athletes tiled along the wall from the first floor to the fourth floor. Visually this is a compelling sight.


The thing that really drew me in was not the tiled photos but the black rubber material masking the whole wall. If you look closely these black pieces are cropped patterns taken from the soles of popular Nike shoes. There is the Air Force Ones, Waffles and possibly a Jordan. This is an awesome alternative to painting but I thought it would be super fun as a tack board. I could use this wall in our office to pin up our work or inspirations.  Check it OUT.




Back from the South

Happy Monday folks, last week was gruesome and painful at the lab we combo'd  our day jobs with CS work and it quickly became overwhelming so we took a little break. San Diego and Fishing. These micro trips are good to reset our perspective on life and design. Sometimes we get so wrapped up around our design life that we forget the joy and beauty of regular life. There is so much more out there beyond our computer screens and yes, we blame our work ethic and ambition possibly? or maybe our "love of design"-- but nature is so inspiring and to spend a few days outdoors was necessary. This blog posting is a digital note in reminding us to take a moment to and breath in fresh air.



(taken from Wikipedia)

So I've touched down in Shanghai China, I'm staying in the city of PuDong it is on the east side of Huangpu River. I can't wait to explore it after work. During the daytime I spend most of my time at the factories that are building our designs. Its such a rewarding experience and I think everyone has to experience traveling over seas to see your design be made.  I will keep everyone posted about my trip when i get back. I'm taking lots of photos.