Pinnacles National Park

We spent the weekend hiking the Balconies Cave route @ Pinnacles for Anh's birthday. Def a place we'd recommend you doing once or twice. The weather was amazing and the people were too. Check out the video:

Bentley for Eames

We didn't realized how our pup Bentley can be so patient. I left Bentley on the Herman Miller eiffel for a moment and when I came back he was still there hanging out. Totally perfect photo op. Wish I took the photo on a higher res camera though. I think we're going to do a collection of Bentley on designer chairs. enjoy.


(Photo)Maker, (Dance)Breaker

Last August I traveled to El Salvador with the All The Way Live Foundation and had the privilege of being alongside some of the most talented and generous dancers and artists I have ever met. Among them was ‘Terrible’ Mike, a pretty sick dancer and equally passionate photographer, which I would later learn as we documented the foundation's Central America trip. Here are a couple of the photos Mike recently finished developing from the trip, but if you have some time to kill, I recommend checking out more pics here. danzafolkloricaladyisaacsergio emilio Check out more of Mike’s work at And go to to find out more about All The Way Live Foundation.


While out exploring this weekend for potential hot spots to use in our next project. I brought along the BlackMagic Pocket. Practice makes perfect and I am trying to consistently shoot in RAW and better my color correcting skills. Here is a short video shot at Fort Mason. 200ASA 180degree 29fps on a lumix 12-35mm 2.8 CC in Resolve, Edit in Premiere and effects in After Effects. ENJOY


What happens when you herd a bunch of designers into a playground in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, provide them with a bunch of kegs/ paint a few makeshift chalk outlines in the field/ throw in some dodgeballs, and let them have at it? For as long as I can remember the design firms of the Bay Area have gathered for some lighthearted fun every Fall in the annual Design Dodgeball Tournament at Jackson Playground. This year’s tourney, hosted by FuseProject, took place a few weeks back, and we headed out to document some of the fun, as our senior member Anh represented for his day job Astro.

Here’s a quick recap of the day, for your enjoyment, along with some footage of the after-party held at Huge Design.

Congrats to Fuse Project for winning three years straight. We’re looking forward to next year’s battle, and maybe we’ll even see some of you out on the fields.