We've been working with Keith Magruder on all kinds of projects since CCA days and have been following "Baker's Son" and his success. Keith has been travelling nonstop between LA and the Bay Area as of late for his shows and now working for Tom's (shoe) as a private artist. Between our busy schedules, we both made time to catch up last weekend and knocked out a process video of him painting. He's currently working on a collection called "Sweet Memories" using mainly watercolor as a medium.

Here is the video:

Keith also produces music. This track used in this video was an original by him. Check out his Baker's Son Soundcloud.

In his own words:

"Growing up, I remember helping my mom and grandmother in the kitchen as they baked cakes and pies. No matter what the occasion, even if it were a funeral, their work brought joy to people. I wanted to bring that experience into this setting. Our world is filled with so much destruction and chaos that sometimes we forget the simple sweet memories from our everyday lives."

And sneak peeks of the other paintings in the collection.