look what showed up in the mail

A few weeks back my friend Amy reached out asking if I was interested in designing their 2012's softball shirts.  Yes,I did design them and also wrote a blog posting about this; Titled "Free Work Free Exercise" -- scroll down a bit. The project was definitely fun to work on and a quick way of brushing up on my graphic design skills. Id like to remind everyone as we should take on non paid projects as often as we are able to. Being that they never have huge requirements and  you have unlimited reign on the final results. Its an awesome way to build confidence and add to your portfolio at the same time.

Any whom a mysterious package showed up in the mail today. I was wondering who this Michael McFeron was.....

Opening up the box I realized a project I worked on a few weeks ago had came back as a pleasant surprise. Amy and Mike had sent me a team shirt with name on the back- Mucho Gracias guys.

Now here is another lesson to keep in mind- when specking out printing detail be sure to make it clear to the print shop of what you want in your artwork file because verbal conversations get lost in translation. My original intent was for a black shirt with gold and white accents. Illustrator has no gold color so I used yellow as a placeholder. The print shop took my document at face value. :) Oh well, it still looks good.