Shocker lifestyle

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."  -- Plato

Passion, inspiration, & ambition are attributes that drive us in doing the things we love. Unconditional effort to achieve more, to want more; is my main vehicle moving forward in life.

In light of National Breast Cancer Awareness month we're showing love with a design that literally spells out "Love", and what better way to spell it than some caring hand gestures.


Last week on a ride home I thought of my friend Dennis Truong's brand Shocker Lifestyle. His brand lends itself to really interesting graphic hand gestures. The best part is- for both of us, the common goal is success. Our tickets are booked, we're traveling at a different pace, but our journey will come with many blessings.  We're all creating our own movements in hope that our ripples turn into waves.  It's all because of Love that drives us forward, and this very word LOVE is what I thought will be perfect in designing what you will see here:


 (thanks for the package Dennis.)

(reminds me of the plaques that come with Lids hats.)